"Send lawyers, guns, and money. The shit has hit the fan.- Warren Zevon

I am a scholar-practitioner working in the field of transnational crime and security. 

Currently, I work as a Conservation Scientist and am the Senior Wildlife Trafficking Analyst for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). My work focuses on identifying and researching the social determinants of illicit wildlife trafficking, and helping devise and implement evidence-based actions to reduce the illegal poaching and trade of protected species, especially elephant, rhinoceros, tortoise, and rosewood. This work applies and expands upon my previous research and teaching on the social and cultural dimensions of terrorist finance, money laundering, and transnational organized and corporate crime. 

Prior to joining WCS, I worked for several years in the public sector (defense/national security), as a consultant to public, private, and NGO sector clients, and held a variety of university research and faculty positions, including at Johns Hopkins University, U.S. National Defense University, the University of Amsterdam, and the University of St Andrews. 

BOOK: Understanding Terrorist Finance
Published by Palgrave
ISBN: 9780230291843

Rated by peers as one of the best academic books on terrorism and counterterrorism, Understanding Terrorist Finance describes how terrorists interact with the everyday global economy and dispels several common myths about how terrorist movements support themselves. 

Learn more about the book and its contribution to research and practice here.

Did you know?

  • Most counter terrorist financing law and policy has little or negligible impact on terrorist groups.
  • Terrorists interact with not only criminal organizations but also legitimate - and often well known - businesses.
  • Wealth can actually lead militants to give up violence.
  • Counter terrorist financing (CTF) efforts are potent (and cost-effective) counterterrorism tools, but only if correctly designed and implemented.